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Polyurethane insulation pipe, full name: high-density polyethylene plastic outer protective polyurethane foam prefabricated directly buried insulation pipe, which is composed of working steel pipe, polyurethane insulation layer and polyethylene plastic outer protective pipe for conveying medium, which are combined outward through the equipment in turn. It is popular for its excellent performance, convenient construction and long service life (30-50 years). Its structure is: external protective layer, thermal insulation layer and anti leakage layer. The material of the external protective layer is polyethylene jacket pipe or FRP or other materials. The laying methods include direct burial, overhead and trench

in recent years, although the fluctuation of house prices is extremely unstable, people who buy houses and have houses continue to go online, and the immediate problem after buying houses or shops is decoration. The general thermal insulation measures are difficult in decoration, especially in northern areas. Those thermal insulation pipes really destroy the whole layout accidentally, so buying the right thermal insulation pipe is the top priority. The basic precautions for the construction of polyurethane insulation pipe have always been the focus information of many people. The role of insulation pipe itself is critical. We can see the important performance of such insulation pipe in chemical industry, petroleum, aerospace, central air conditioning and heating systems. Next, let's take a look at the details of polyurethane insulation pipe construction

specification of polyurethane insulation pipe

specification of cold water pipe S5 (pn1.25mpa): 20× 2.0、25× 2.3、32× 2.9、40× 3.7、50× 4.6、63× 5.8、75× 6.8、90× 8.2、110× 10.0、160× 14.6。

specifications of cold water pipe S4 (pn1.25mpa): 20× 2.3、25× 2.8、32× 3.6、40× 4.5、50× 5.6、63× 7.1、75× 8.4、90× 10.1、110× 12.3、160× 17.9。

the specifications of s3.2 (pn2.00mpa) hot water pipe are: 20× 2.8、25× 3.5、32× 4.4、40× 5.5、50× 6.9、63× 8.6、75× 10.3、90× 12.3、110× 15.1、160× 21.9。

the specifications of s2.5 (pn2.50mpa) hot water pipe are: 20× 3.4、25× 4.2、32× 5.4、40× 6.7、50× 8.4、63× 10.5。

advantages of polyurethane insulation pipe

polyurethane insulation pipe has become a relatively mature advanced technology in some countries. In recent years, Chinese technicians have also worked hard to develop this technology. The experimental results show that polyurethane insulation pipe is more suitable for laying. Polyurethane insulation pipe has the following advantages: low cost, low consumption, energy conservation, good corrosion resistance, long service life, less land occupation, fast construction, etc. Polyurethane insulation pipe is more and more popular because of its excellent performance. The anti-corrosion and waterproof characteristics of polyurethane insulation pipe make it particularly suitable for thermal insulation and cold insulation projects. It has three layers, including working steel pipe layer, polyurethane insulation layer and high-density polyethylene protective layer. You don't have to be afraid of cold anymore after wearing thick clothes

price of polyurethane insulation pipe

the price of polyurethane insulation pipe should be determined according to the actual customization. There should be manufacturers of insulation materials all over the country. Just go to the manufacturer directly when purchasing, or check the phone online. You'd better choose a large manufacturer with good reputation and favorable price. You can shop around

manufacturer of polyurethane insulation pipe

Tangshan Kaixiang insulation material manufacturing Co., Ltd.

compared with other brand enterprises, the company is young, but its development potential is very good. Up to now, it has one-third of the sales quota of similar products in North China, and its production has also been expanded overseas, and its variety of insulation pipes has gradually increased, which is relatively rich compared with the current insulation pipe industry, And polyurethane insulation pipe has a good reputation. Its contact information is 03152318000

Cangzhou Chengyuan Pipeline Co., Ltd.

the price of the company is relatively more favorable than that of the same brand, mainly because its headquarters is in the Industrial Development Zone of Yanshan County, Hebei Province, which is China's pipeline production base, very close to the raw material area, so its price will be a little more favorable than that of the same brand. Of course, another reason is that the company that changed its home focuses on the concept of customer first. The service is super good. Basically, its home is driven by repeat customers and customers, and it is also exported overseas. Its contact information is 03178212877

Changsha guangheng building materials Co., Ltd.

from the name, I know that this company is mainly engaged in construction, not specialized in piping, but the main reason why Xiaobian recommends him here is that his family is mainly engaged in construction. Why? Because it has a special design for medicine and architecture, and pays more attention to the beauty of the overall effect. Therefore, although its pipeline is not a major project, compared with many other enterprises specializing in pipelines, its pipeline is very beautiful. Moreover, the company was established in 2005 and has been for 10 years. Although it is not long for an enterprise, ten years is medium for this industry. His contact number is 07318205057

Guangzhou Jimu energy storage technology development Co., Ltd.

this company was established earlier than the previous company. In 2002, although the headquarters of the company is really warm coastal areas, don't doubt that its technology can't compare with the company of the same brand. This company has been focusing on quality and technology, with super guaranteed quality. It has also done the project of warm village, and achieved good social evaluation. Its contact information is 400691250

details that should be paid attention to in the construction of polyurethane insulation pipe

first, the staff must carefully inspect after entering the site, which is very critical for the relevant inspection procedures before construction. Any unqualified equipment, insulation pipes and raw materials are rejected

second, the construction and welding of polyurethane insulation pipe is also the key to the quality of the whole project. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the procedures of fixing the support and welding the pipeline. We should know that these two steps directly affect the quality and effect of the whole insulation project in the later stage, and also directly determine the service life of the whole pipeline

third, we should pay attention to the pressure of the pipeline under the condition of meeting the pressure standard. This step should be divided into two steps. First, the pressure can be increased if there is no leakage within ten minutes. Then use a small hammer that meets the standard weight to knock around the weld to check whether there is leakage. Finally, adjust the pressure in the polyurethane insulation pipe to the working pressure range. If there is no leakage in about half an hour, it is considered qualified

fourth, we should know that the construction of such polyurethane insulation pipes is directly laid underground, and usually such projects are concealed projects. If there is any carelessness or careless completion acceptance in the construction or inspection process, there may also be frequent failures or other phenomena in the future use and operation process. Even after the construction of polyurethane insulation pipe is completed, relevant units need to send special personnel to carry out strict and serious acceptance inspection

fifth, no matter which construction method of polyurethane insulation pipe is selected, attention should be paid to the quality of the pipe and there should be no cracking, delamination and so on. The most important thing is to ensure that the joint of the pipeline has the required waterproof, tightness and integrity

editor's summary: polyurethane rigid foam thermal insulation material for construction industry is an important branch of polyurethane industry, which is characterized by multiple uses of one material and functions of heat preservation and waterproof at the same time. This kind of products has been used in European construction industry for 40 years since the 1960s. Some countries have also adopted legislation to take polyurethane as the designated thermal insulation and waterproof material in the construction industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's building energy-saving market, polyurethane rigid foam insulation products have been widely used in the field of building insulation and waterproof, and have become one of the insulation and energy-saving products in the leading market




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