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To choose a decoration company, we must first find the blind spots of the decoration quotation of each decoration company, and then break them one by one, so as to find our most effective partners. The decoration quotation of the decoration company generally includes project items, quantities, materials, specifications, unit price, total price, etc

when choosing a decoration company, we should first find the blind spots of decoration quotation of each decoration company, and then break them one by one, so as to find our most effective partner. The decoration quotation of the decoration company generally includes project items, quantities, materials, specifications, unit price, total price, etc. Mr. Cai, who participated in the home decoration class, said that the original quotation of the decoration company was about 100000, but it reached as much as 140000 at the time of settlement. In this regard, engineer Chen pointed out based on his own experience that when the owner is faced with two different decoration quotations, don't hesitate to choose the company with low quotation, because the budget quotation of the decoration company is not only related to the project itself, but also related to the owner's mentality. For different mentality, some decoration companies will adopt different quotation strategies. At this time, we must think twice

fuzzy design takes making wardrobe as an example. A decoration company quotes 620 yuan/square meter, and B decoration company quotes 750 yuan/square meter. When many people listen, their first reaction is that the price of B decoration company is too high, so they go to talk with a decoration company. It is likely that the main structure of the wardrobe of company a uses 15 cm board, or even there is no inner board in the cabinet, while that of company B uses 18 cm board, including the inner board. In addition, there are differences in external styles and internal structures. Based on this analysis, which one is more suitable for you depends on the decoration positioning of your house

conceal the project. Some companies deliberately omit some projects that should be done during the preliminary budget and do not report them. They use low prices to attract decoration customers, and slowly increase them after construction. At that time, they will not be allowed to decorate customers, because these additional projects must be done

conceal the quantity. During the preliminary budget, the number of projects constructed will be reported symbolically. A large number of conceal the quantity. The proposed budget quotation is much lower than that of the honest decoration company, and the statistics will be collected at the time of settlement. In addition, during the preliminary budget, some charging contents, such as management fee, will not be mentioned for the time being, and will be put forward separately when signing the decoration contract

expert advice: first, determine the decoration positioning. The householder should plan well before looking for a decoration company, whether to plan simple decoration, grade decoration, or need to decorate with style and style. If you do simple decoration, there is no need to find a large decoration company, because the large decoration company has higher charges due to its high operating costs. If you plan to do high-end decoration, you should choose a decoration company with integrity, excellent service and a certain scale. After finding out the decoration positioning, go to find a company that matches your decoration positioning

secondly, we should understand the importance of cost performance. The owner must understand that the price of decoration is determined by the quality of materials and the complexity of the construction scheme, and different materials and practices will have different prices. For example, for a scheme (just a scheme), one decoration company offers 80000, another decoration company offers 70000, and the guerrillas are even lower, perhaps 60000. Most owners may hand over the project to the guerrillas who offer 60000. On the surface, 20000 yuan was saved, but maybe the guerrillas spent only about 40000 yuan on the project. Therefore, when choosing a company, the owner must not only look at the low price, but must make a more reasonable choice based on the detailed construction drawings and a comprehensive understanding of the construction project, materials, construction methods and service commitments

moreover, focus on communicating with designers. For owners who have no decoration experience and are not familiar with materials and practices, the simplest way is to find a company that matches their decoration positioning. First, go to its construction site, carefully observe its scale and management, and feel its service and staff quality. Then choose a designer who can communicate smoothly with him, has a high professional level and good service attitude, explain his decoration requirements to him in detail, and pay the deposit after the scheme design is completely satisfied. Regular companies will design renderings and construction drawings after receiving the deposit, and then they can calculate a detailed and accurate budget quotation

finally, correctly treat the situation that the quotation exceeds your budget. If the owner feels that the quotation of the decoration company is too much higher than the budget and cannot be accepted, the owner should continue to negotiate with the decoration party and reach a cognitive agreement on the premise of full communication, so that both parties can cooperate happily. The quality of home decoration does not entirely depend on the amount of money spent. In fact, simply stacking expensive materials may not achieve good results. As long as the owners and decoration companies spend more time together, be original and careful, it is possible to save expenses and be unique, and get twice the result with half the effort

there is no need to hide the budget cost

many owners are unwilling to tell the decorator the decoration budget cost. But if you really don't tell the decorator, the decorator has to do a guessing game, overestimating or underestimating the decoration budget of the owner. As a result, it is inevitable to change the practices and materials and redesign, which is a waste of time and energy for both parties. Some decorators are worried that if they overestimate, they may lose this business, so they first try to keep the price as low as possible, and then calculate after receiving the business, resulting in many sequelae. Who doesn't want to do the decoration well and cheaply? It is also human nature to be greedy for bargains. Many people often only listen to the price, regardless of the quality and quantity, and give the job to the decorator who offers the lowest price. In case of unrealistic decorators, they will increase prices or cut corners on many excuses after the construction starts. At this time, the householder has become very passive, in a dilemma, and the result is self defeating. Therefore, first of all, don't blindly think that "cheap price" is good. You must find out what materials and practices are and what services are available before deciding which decorator to do it for

expert advice: if the owner has no decoration experience, is not familiar with the engineering materials and practices, and is not sure to deal with the complex situation of this kind of quotation, the simplest and safest thing is to deal with it according to the following methods:

first choose a large-scale and reputable decorator, preferably someone who has been entrusted by an acquaintance, and knows that it is faithful, reliable and trustworthy

the decorator must list the decoration items, quantity, specifications, unit price and total price when quoting to you

the decorator should also provide you with detailed practice and material samples

the decorator should sign a contract with you to list the decoration cost and completion period




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