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Consumers' increasing awareness of environmental protection and safety at home precisely provides a good opportunity for log household products. The natural green environmental protection of log products has been pursued by many people

with the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of life is also improving, so the requirements for household products are becoming higher and higher. Paying attention to green environmental protection and pursuing high-grade furniture products have become the focus of many high-end consumers, and the one-stop whole wood home decoration integrating design, production and decoration is becoming increasingly popular

consumers' increasing awareness of home environmental protection and safety precisely provides a good opportunity for log home products. The natural green environmental protection of log products has been pursued by many people

natural advantages of log material

log material itself is a good product with many advantages. Good absorption of bad sharp waves of sound, with mute effect; It is a poor conductor of heat, which has a heat preservation effect on the room decorated with whole wood; Natural environmental protection, without plywood containing formaldehyde and other chemical components; It will adjust the moisture in the air through its own breathing, maintain the comfort of the home environment, and so on. Is it just because of these natural advantages that whole wood home decoration is so popular

Shengshi manor believes that in addition to the irreplaceable natural advantages of wood itself, what is more important is that the high-grade and artistry of wood house culture creates a gorgeous dream for high-end consumers and provides a platform to experience perfect home life

modern Chinese people have a special preference for furniture and decoration made of logs, which stems from the deep-rooted Chinese wood culture complex. Therefore, in addition to the excellent quality of wood itself, the research on wood culture and artistry is a broad and profound field

Shengshi manor believes that customers who buy whole wood home decoration products pay more attention to the artistic value of the products. They are not only buying products, but also culture and art. Therefore, whole wood home decoration should take "whole wood" as the appeal point to give consumers a healthy and safe home. On the basis of pursuing the essence of log culture, whole wood home decoration products should continue to strengthen the innovation of customized products, and provide creative and unique products for consumers with superb skills, first-class quality and perfect design style, so as to highlight the characteristics of modern wood culture

therefore, in the process of focusing on log products for 22 years, Shengshi manor has always insisted on building a real wood dwelling culture to realize the dream of consumers' natural home and noble life

professional design integrates into the wood house culture

the whole home contains a wide range of contents. It should not only consider the design of individual products, but also take into account the overall home decoration style. Therefore, the whole home is more dependent on professional designers. Enterprises need professional overall home designers to design products, and consumers also need them to carry out unified planning and design

the design team of Shengshi manor, with famous European designers and Hong Kong feng shui masters as professional consultants, has formed a perfect overall space design concept. The design style is integrated into China and the west, and the design is more professional. It grasps product design and home design as a whole, ensuring product quality and home effect

perfect service realizes the wooden house culture

Shengshi manor. In order to integrate the wooden house culture into the products through fine design, a perfect product pre-sales (design, production) and after-sales (construction, installation) service system has been established. From pre-sales consulting and advisory services, measurement, design, and after-sales service, they are all organized by senior technicians with high comprehensive quality. Not only is the product carefully carved in the production process, but the installation and construction links with more intermediate links are more orderly and comprehensive, forming a strict control over the whole process from product design, production to construction and installation, so it has been widely recognized by consumers

Shengshi manor pays attention to the production and operation of high-end log furniture, and creates a noble and elegant life for the nobility. It not only considers the environmental protection and health of consumers, but also solves household problems for consumers from the perspective of household culture. Do you want a healthy noble household life? Shengshi manor is the best choice





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