Precautions for bathroom decoration design

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Pay attention to the details of wall seepage prevention, drainage and floor drain treatment

the shower culture is gradually valued in modern life, and then shows infinite charm and vitality. Decorating the bathroom and creating a romantic life are the highlights of home decoration. A bathroom with ingenious ideas and careful care, in addition to pleasing the eyes, please pay attention to the details of wall seepage prevention, drainage and floor drain treatment, and do a good job in details to avoid future troubles

anti seepage treatment of walls - the walls of blank houses of real estate companies have not undergone waterproof treatment. Before tiling, a layer of anti-seepage cement should be scraped in advance, and then the tiles should be pasted. After tiling, the decorators should be required to treat the tile joints, so as to avoid the water in the bathroom penetrating into the outer wall through the brick joints and avoid the pain of being tired of

treatment of drainage and floor drain - because the toilet needs to be odor proof and infectious disease prevention, the state stipulates that there should be a gooseneck bent pipe design in the concave pool when building. The toilet floor has been equipped with primary drainage, but once the water seeps through the floor or water supply pipeline, the whole toilet concave pool will be full of dirty water, and the water will be all pervasive or climb over the wall into the corner of the room or into the lower layer. Therefore, a secondary drainage pipe orifice should be set at the bottom of the concave pool, and the floor tile joints should be scraped with impervious cement on the ground. If the primary and secondary drainage systems are installed at home, many troubles in the future will be avoided

the function of bathroom design shower room

today, with the rapid change, people's pursuit of bathroom culture is becoming stronger and stronger. Designing simple and practical shower room in the bathroom has become a fashion. Choosing a high-quality shower room can not only let us enjoy the pleasure of shower, but also avoid the tedious cleaning caused by dirty water overflow. Therefore, on the premise of having the function of keeping warm, we should pay more attention to the effect of dry and wet differentiation. Meticulously create a professionally produced shower room series, which can ensure the dry and wet differentiation of your bathroom in terms of humanized design and water tightness, and add color to your bathroom life





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