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In midsummer, the sun is scorching. This summer, in addition to the hot weather, there is also a burst of marketing performance. On August 13, 2018, Cohen electric launched the national "in factory purchase and wechat explosion" activity of "thousands of stores in thousands of cities"; From 20:00 to 21:30 that night, during the one-and-a-half-hour blasting activity, the order volume of Cohen appliances kept rising, the heat did not decrease, and the sales volume reached a new high

under the fierce market reshuffle, how to win the terminal without new ideas? How to be proud of the market without a new strategy? At present, the post-80s and post-90s gradually occupy the main body of consumption, and wechat users have long been common. Modern people have entered a fragmented information age, and they all like to be fast, feel, stimulate, and do things with a playful attitude. More consumption habits have changed from offline mode to online mode. Wechat is a relatively wide range of social tools, so wechat has gradually become an important marketing strategy of enterprises. Using wechat as a platform to create a new marketing strategy has become a new trend. Cohen appliance actively responds to the market trend and plans to launch a new marketing model "in factory purchase and wechat explosion"

in this event, the Cohen appliance business education team made all the preliminary preparations to provide a fast and clear direction and method for wechat blasting activities. This wechat explosion activity abandoned the traditional marketing mode, and created fresh, interesting and convenient online shopping through a new mode and method of activities to meet different consumer needs and maximize resource sharing. One and a half hours of blasting activities, short time, high efficiency, the activity site is extremely popular; Cohen Electric has given special preferential policies, many gifts, deposit, product reservation and other preferential activities. The atmosphere is very hot. In just one and a half hours, it has achieved a thousand orders of trading volume, a large trading volume, and the performance is gratifying

in this "factory interior and wechat explosion" activity, the Cohen business education team and the dealer family all over the country went all out, took the initiative, cooperated tacitly, and the activity was effectively implemented, far exceeding the expected effect, and the sales continued to rise to new highs. There is no limit to signing the bill for Cohen appliance. Cohen appliance continues to break through changes, open new ideas, expand marketing models, strengthen terminal assistance, and promote the effective implementation of activities; Cohen Electric is constantly changing on the way forward, never stopping, and continues to enter thousands of households





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