The hottest tire of pure British descent has final

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This tire of pure British descent has finally come to China

this tire of pure British descent has finally come to China

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Bentley's luxury cars, Aston Martin's top super run, Land Rover's luxury off-road... These classic brands born in the UK seem to have a noble and pure pedigree. Their attention to details and adherence to quality have forged the British spirit of global fame

looking back on the development of tires, from the birth of the first pneumatic tire in Britain in 1845 to the invention of tire cord by the British in 1892, which laid the basic structure of modern tires, Britain, as the birthplace of tires, has led the development trend of modern tire industry from beginning to end, constantly creating the purest pedigree label of tires

Davanti is the main private brand of oak tyres holding group. In 1980, oak was born in Liverpool, England. At present, it is the top three tire enterprise in the British tire industry. The four brands represented in the UK each year have sold more than 6.5 million tires. Over the past 40 years, oak has been deeply involved in the UK market, providing high-quality and professional services to more than 5000 customers. Dawenheng sells 60000 tires in the UK market every month, with a market share of 2%. One tire in every 50 tires is dawenheng tire

now, this tire with the purest British blood has finally crossed the sea to China

on August 22, 2018, Davanti tire held a product promotion conference in Shanghai. Mr. Larry cross, the executive director, Mr. Peter Cross, the general manager, Mr. Zhang Lin, the deputy general manager, and Mr. Michael Eckert, the European regional sales director attended the conference to answer a series of questions for Chinese dealers

originated from British European design

Da Wanxing is a British company with pure blood. The series products of dawenhang brand are developed by the first-class design team in Europe and produced in the world's most advanced intelligent chemical plant. With a highly automated, information-based and intelligent industrial 4.0 tire production line, dawenhang is at the forefront of the global tire manufacturing industry. The product adopts innovative pattern design and advanced silicon formula to create Europe's top quality tires. Each new product has been tested by an authoritative independent testing agency in Europe before it goes on the market. It has not only obtained the r117 test certification of the European label method, but also the HP pattern of Davanti has passed the TUV certification of Germany and the IFV wear test of Germany with excellent evaluation data in 2016

as a brand originating from the UK, the EU label grade and performance of dawenhang tires are extremely excellent. In terms of tire noise, the European standard of Wanxing is basically 69 or below; The rolling resistance and wet slip of dawenhang products are basically in B and C. dawenhang is a leader in the industry. This indicates that the quality and performance of Wanhang has far exceeded the average standard of similar products in the EU tire market. According to the introduction, dawenhang has a complete range of product specifications. There are nearly 300 summer tires, of which more than 100 are over 17 inches. There are 93 winter tires, and the whole road condition is 4 × 4. The pattern of the product series and the new UHP pattern series in Europe are under development

dawenhang has a variety of product series, such as summer tires, winter tires, four season tires, flat tires, and so on. It has continuously enriched the series specifications and sizes to meet different market needs. At present, it has 11 patterns and nearly 100 products with more than 18 "

strong teams work together to lay out sports marketing

as a rookie in the European tire industry, since its establishment, Dawan bank has always been committed to the forward-looking layout of sports marketing, constantly exploring and innovating, actively sponsoring many international clubs and important competitions, and striving to apply its electronic computer-based universal material testing machine to rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, wires, metal rods The brand concept, high-quality products and enterprising pioneering spirit of tensile test tires made of metal plates and other materials are transmitted to the world

at present, Da Wanhang has become an excellent sponsor of the English Premier League giants Everton football club, the German Augsburg Panther ice team and the Portuguese racing Academy

in August 2017, Da Wanxing signed a cooperation agreement with the Premier League giants Everton football club, officially becoming the official partner of the Premier League giants. With the formal signing of the three-year business cooperation agreement between the two sides, Dawan bank, as the official partner of the Premier League team, has carried out publicity and promotion in the premier league matches. One is a Premier League Elite and the other is a tire rookie. The strong and strong alliance shows the global audience the passionate and unremitting brand image of dawenhang as a British high-end tire brand

in September of the same year, Davanti reached a sponsorship agreement with the German Augsburg Panther hockey team and became its exclusive sponsor. With the popularity of ice hockey all over the world, it has undoubtedly become an effective way for dawanhang to improve its brand competitiveness and image reputation by "connecting" with top-level ball games. The enterprising spirit of ice hockey is also very consistent with the brave brand image of Dawan tire

as early as the brand was founded, dawenhang became the designated sponsor of the racing Academy of the algaf international circuit in Portugal, striving to provide high-quality products to the racing Academy for testing. The test results show that dawenhang tires still perform well in the most demanding speed and intensity race level environment

the head of dawenhang brand said that in the future, more world-class events will be arranged, the marketing model in the global sports field will be opened, and more consumers will know and understand this high-quality tire brand from the UK

enter the Chinese market with the world's leading technology

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the tire industry has also entered a period of rapid growth. China has become the world's largest tire production and consumption country, with the world's second largest automobile market. According to the statistics of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, by the end of 2017, the number of motor vehicles in China had reached 310million, of which 217million were automobiles; The machine affects how the axial force generated by the spring is transferred to the adjacent parts. The number of motor car drivers reaches 385million, including 342million automobile drivers. With such a large number of motor vehicles, the Chinese market has attracted extensive attention from the world's well-known tire giants

nowadays, dawenheng tire has come to China. With its unique R & D advantages, it has customized localized products to meet the needs of the Chinese market when the 1.5 load exceeds 2% and 5% of the maximum value. The company adheres to the strict quality standards made in the UK, with excellent performance, leading quality products and quality assurance, to give back the trust and support of consumers, ensure the competitive advantage of partners, and provide wholehearted service and support for partners. Meanwhile, dawenhang will pay close attention to the current global environmental protection cause, further improve the energy-saving level in product research and development, and create a better driving experience with lower fuel consumption, lower energy consumption and less environmental concerns

people in the industry believe that compared with many domestic tire brands misleading consumers with the gimmick of European or German technology in the Chinese market, the entry of British Dawan tire has brought pure European technology to the Chinese market, which is undoubtedly a great benefit to the majority of consumers

Europe's top product quality, forward-looking new product research and development, and perfect market protection mechanism all reflect the absolute advantages and great potential of dawenhang, a British brand. I believe that dawenhang will certainly open up its own space in the Chinese market in the near future

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