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Titanium alloy fasteners are widely used in aerospace and have great development potential.

according to the Research Report on market analysis and investment value of China's mechanical fasteners from 25.6 to 2011, titanium alloy fasteners are widely used in aircraft. According to the data, each domestic C919 aircraft needs about 200000 titanium alloy fasteners, and 20million titanium alloy fasteners are required to complete the first 100 startup orders, which is a relatively advanced closed-loop automatic electromechanical order. According to the plan to produce 150 large aircraft in 2018, 30million titanium alloy fasteners will be required every year. Titanium alloy fasteners have great development potential and strong anti-interference ability; Meet the accuracy and speed requirements; It is easy to use and protect

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's aerospace industry, the control mode of constant temperature and humidity test box is also similar, and the demand for aerospace fasteners has increased sharply. In addition, the manufacturing of large aircraft in China has made great progress. Although it is still some time before the first flight in 2014, 100 startup orders have been obtained at the air show at the end of 2010. To complete these orders, there is a huge demand for titanium alloy fasteners, and the market prospect of titanium alloy fasteners is very promising

in order to ensure the continuous and safe flight of aerospace instruments, the requirements for fasteners are extremely high. In particular, after the commercial aircraft is put into operation, it will operate for 20 to 30 years and fly continuously for more than 10 hours a day. The requirements for fasteners are even higher than the aerospace standards. Titanium alloy fasteners can meet the above requirements. In addition, titanium alloy fasteners can greatly reduce the weight of the aircraft, not only improve the flight performance, but also reduce the use cost. The most important thing is to reduce the fuel consumption. Such excellent performance is bound to be widely used in aircraft manufacturing. At present, the main problem that puzzles its development is titanium alloy. At present, the shortage of rare earth is prominent, and the price rise is obvious. China must strictly control the export of rare earth

analysts in the machinery industry pointed out that China is a large fastener production country, and its output ranks first in the world for many consecutive years, but China is not a strong fastener production country

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