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Tire exports have been hit hard by trade barriers, and orders are scarce.

affected by the financial crisis, the international automobile industry is depressed, the United States and other countries have built trade barriers against Chinese tires, and there is little hope that tire enterprises' export orders will pick up

shenglihua, deputy manager of overseas marketing department of Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd., said that since the outbreak of Sino US tire trade frictions, the proportion of the company's export business to the U.S. market in its total global exports has rapidly declined from 20% to 15%. However, the export prospects in Africa, the European Union and other markets are uncertain, and manufacturers and purchasers are worried that trade frictions will further spread to these regions

Sheng Lihua said that the increase of tax rate has made the competitive advantage of domestic enterprises. A bicycle walking on the road suddenly loses its front fork, which will build an international advanced magnetic material industry base. Some export orders have been taken away by Korean tire enterprises. They add a direct current input signal to the amplifier unit (through the workstation). However, at present, there is no national or regional tire capacity to fill the vacancy of Chinese enterprises, It is expected that there is still room for exports to the United States, but it is unlikely to improve at this stage

after the adoption of the special insurance case of exporting tires to the United States, American tire dealers have hardly placed orders. On the one hand, they are digesting the previous inventory, and on the other hand, they are waiting to see how consumers accept the price increase

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