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Titanium dioxide: improve product quality, speed up quality transformation and upgrading

the magic weapon for enterprises to win in the modern market is product quality and brand. Cost performance and brand are always the first elements of competition. Today, the development of titanium dioxide industry in China has gone from product competition to the era of brand competition in the form of keynote speech + seminar + industry docking. Only the attention and operation process of brand competition can complete the transformation from product homogeneity competition to brand differentiation competition

according to the current development trend of titanium dioxide, the product variety will be gradually reduced and the product grade will be continuously improved. With the progress of the preparation process, multifunctional, high gloss, high weather resistance and high dispersion products gradually replace the special products with less obvious characteristics. High grade rutile and anatase products specially designed for new fixtures will occupy an increasing market share

the scale of titanium dioxide enterprises in China varies greatly, but no matter the size of enterprises, they should strive to make a good brand. The product and market positioning should be determined according to the market and its own conditions. On the premise of having talent, technology, management advantages and necessary production conditions, large-scale enterprises should transform to other special high-grade rutile products, and continuously improve the comprehensive performance of product quality through technological innovation to replace imports; For small and medium-sized enterprises to take the road of differentiated development, they should develop mid-range fine and special products, and make fine and excellent quality. With regard to the development and application of new titanium dioxide varieties, some enterprises are willing to strengthen this work. The urgent products to be developed are: slurry titanium dioxide products; Titanium dioxide for high-grade decorative paper; Titanium dioxide for chemical fiber; Special titanium dioxide and nucleated titanium dioxide are added to food

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