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On October 10, major rubber manufacturers including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Colombia gathered for discussion and announced that they would not sell rubber at a price lower than 150 cents/kg. As the output of the above-mentioned rubber producing countries accounts for more than 70% of the global output, this move is interpreted by the market as an important measure to curb the decline in rubber prices

the national rubber Policy Committee of Thailand has approved a rubber acquisition plan from October 22, which will spend 20billion baht to build inventory. Another 10billion baht will be distributed to rubber organizations to purchase rubber. However, it is not clear when to purchase rubber

blind sheep make up for the efforts of many countries to alleviate the decline of rubber price

the analysis shows that the driving effect of technology will become more and more obvious in the future. The strength of positive measures is limited. It can temporarily slow down the decline of rubber price, but it is not enough to promote the sharp rise of rubber price

tire enterprises are impacted by the external breakthrough

at present, the export volume of domestic tires accounts for 43.3% of the total output, of which the export volume of radial tires accounts for 44.29% of its output, and the export volume of bias tires accounts for 35.11% of its output. More than 50% of the export products are exported to the European and American markets, of which the United States accounts for about 30% of China's total tire exports. Many small and medium-sized tire enterprises in China make a living by exporting, and the United States is a large tire exporter in China. Therefore, this double anti dumping campaign will lead to difficulties in the export business of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises

capital 1 Polyethylene: tensile strength and elongation at break materials show that the United States imported 50.8 million tires from China in 2013, and most of these tires are medium and low-grade products. Due to the large number of small enterprises and fierce export competition, China's tire industry has weak bargaining power compared with large foreign enterprises, resulting in a price war among tire enterprises

when the tire enterprises turned to other markets due to the United States' double countermeasures, they encountered various restrictions from other countries and regions. India has not only conducted anti-dumping investigations on radial tires of Chinese buses and trucks, but also launched anti-dumping investigations on bias ply tires of Chinese buses and trucks that we have worked with our customers to improve the design, production, market attractiveness and performance of their products; Brazil conducted an anti-dumping investigation on tires for bicycles, cars, buses and trucks made in China; Egypt conducted an anti-dumping investigation on truck and bus tires imported from China; Colombia made a final anti-dumping decision on the tires of Chinese buses and freight vehicles; The Eurasian Economic Commission (the customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) filed an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese truck tires. Chinese tire enterprises are restricted from breaking through the encirclement

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