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In 2014, the tire output will strive to reach 100million

Hantai tire is the largest tire manufacturer in Korea and one of the tire manufacturers with fast growth and strong strength in the world, with a market share of 54% in Korea. In 2010, the global sales of Hantai tire reached a historical record of 5.4 trillion won, with a year-on-year increase of 11.5%. This year, they hope to continue to expand their global marketing strategy while further expanding their profits

Hantai is currently the seventh largest tire manufacturer in the world. It entered China in 1996 and is the first international tire manufacturer to enter China. Although its share has declined with other tire giants entering the Chinese market, it is still as high as 20%. Hantai tire has three factories in China. Among them, the factories in Huai'an, Jiangsu and Jiaxing, Zhejiang can produce more than 80000 tires a day, half of which are exported and the other half are sold in Chinese Mainland; The other is the Chongqing plant under construction. After completion, the production capacity will reach 11.6 million. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Hantai tire, the delegation walked into the modern tire factory in Jinshan, South Korea and the Hantai Central Research Institute in Datian, South Korea, and conducted field interviews on the tire manufacturing process level, scientific research achievements and future development strategy of Hantai

the production target in 2014 is to reach 100million

xuchenghe, CEO of Hantai tire, said that Hantai tire is one of the world's larger and faster growing tire manufacturers, specializing in the production of passenger cars, light trucks (SUV, RV, etc.), radial tires for trucks and buses. 5. The test sample is broken. Over the years, Hantai tire products have sold well in 185 countries and regions around the world, becoming the seventh tire manufacturer in the world. At present, Hantai tire has 5 regional headquarters, 9 sales offices, 11 subsidiaries and 5 R & D centers worldwide, with more than 16000 employees. Hantai tire invested 5% of its annual revenue in technology research and development. Despite the rising prices of raw materials, it still achieved a sales volume of 5.4 trillion won in 2010, a year-on-year growth record of 11.5%. In 2010, the operating profit of the company reached 585.8 billion won, a year-on-year increase of 6.7%. Hantai tire has invested across Eurasia. At present, it has five factories - two in South Korea, two in China and one in Hungary. In addition, the world's sixth factory invested by Hantai tire with us $954million in Chongqing, China, broke ground in may2011. The factory will be completed in 2015, with an annual output of 11.5 million tires. At the same time, after Hantai tire invested 230million euros to complete the second phase construction of the Hungarian R á calm á s plant, the latest expansion project was kicked off in november2010. In december2010, Hantai tire announced that it would build another global plant in beksi, Indonesia, which is expected to promote Hantai's production target of increasing its annual output to 100million in 2014. At the same time, it has gradually become a good partner of many first-line vehicle manufacturers in the world, including Audi, Chrysler, general motors, Ford, Volkswagen and other brands

the market share of Hantai tire in China is 20%

zhaoxianzhi, President and chief marketing officer of Hantai tire, told that the Chongqing plant of Hantai tire is the third plant built in China after the Huai'an plant in Jiangsu and the Jiaxing plant in Zhejiang. After the plant is completed, the production capacity will reach 11.6 million. At present, Hantai tire has sold and served more than 180 countries at 7 points of sale, with its 2-year closing of 1085 in the world. The Chinese market is the most important market in the whole market, just like the Korean market

Hantai tire has made a lot of efforts not only in Korea, but also in all global markets including China, in order to continuously improve consumer satisfaction. It is reported that Hantai tire entered China in 1996 and has been rooted in China for 15 years. China technology R & D center was established in 1998. In China's automobile tire supporting market, Hantai currently provides supporting facilities for more than 30 domestic automobile manufacturers, including Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Group, Nissan, Honda, Hainan Mazda, Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Kia, DPCA and other automobile enterprises. It has achieved good performance in the replacement tire market. At present, Hantai tire occupies about 20% of China's tire market

if we want to be the fifth place in the world in 2014, will we focus on supporting or retail? Hantai executives said that from the perspective of the whole world, about 30% of the tires for new cars are sold through the retail market, and 70% are sold through the retail market. From the situation of Hantai, the virtual wind test simulation of Altair company, which makes new cars all over the world, shows that the supporting quantity accounts for 32% and 33% of Hantai's total, which is similar to the situation of the whole world. However, the situation in China is different from that in the whole world. In recent years, the domestic automobile industry has developed very fast, so the number of new car accessories in China is now greater than that in the retail market. However, the overall fifth place in the world must be mainly retail

technology is a powerful tool to occupy the market

I have visited the workshop production lines of many main engine plants at home and abroad, as well as the domestic tire production workshops, but this time I still had a different feeling when I walked into Hantai's factory in Jinshan. The natural environment of the whole tire factory is very beautiful. The workshop is clean and tidy. There is hardly any pungent smell in the workshop. The production equipment in the workshop is all automated production lines. Robots of various types of work all over the workshop walk around the workshop according to fixed programs. They not only sing songs, but also stop automatically when they see people. A huge and cumbersome production line only has famous workers taking care of computer equipment, All the others are left to the robot. The sheath of automatic production technology is made of makroblend, a pc-pbt mixture with strong impact resistance. It is advanced and makes every visitor amazed

before entering Hantai, I have been thinking about a question. What is the factor that makes a tire factory in a small corner of the world rank seventh in the world? The words of Chang'an Mingxian of Datian Hantai Central Technology Research Institute have solved some puzzles. You can't learn anything about tire manufacturing technology before you enter the tire enterprise for research. Even if you are studying the formula of tires in a university, you will still learn nothing until you get your Ph.D. or post doctoral degree. Only after entering the enterprise, can we really learn something by associating with the company's various equipment and manufacturing experience. Moreover, each company has its own unique practices. Therefore, other excellent enterprises have silicon containing formulas, including Michelin and Goodyear. However, the technology it has is somewhat different from all our technologies. It is similar, but each company has its own characteristics that other companies can not learn from

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