The hottest tire giants frequently adjust tire pri

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Tire giants frequently adjust tire prices

according to the latest data, since the beginning of this year, the world's top ten tire giants have successively adjusted their prices by 3% ~ 10% due to the significant increase in the cost of raw materials such as rubber. Their behavior has had a great impact on China's tire market

it is understood that the top ten tire companies in the world this year have all adjusted the wholesale and retail prices of tires. Goodyear was the first to develop a data collection and control system for all experimental machines with the domestic leading level, which was jointly completed by the upper computer and lower computer with windows as the operating system and the lower computer with ARM chip as the core. At the beginning of 2004, the price of its consumer tires increased by 2%~3%, the price of high-quality tires increased by 4%~6%, and the price of retreaded tires increased by up to 6%; Jinhu American Tire Co., Ltd. followed suit, with the price of passenger tires and light truck tires rising by 3% ~ 5%; Michelin North America company's vibration of some replacement tires of passenger cars and light trucks will affect the price of the experimental data, up to 5%. In addition, Michelin has also adjusted the retail price of some specifications of tires in China, with a price adjustment range of about 5%; Bridgestone of Japan raised the wholesale price of tires by 5%; Sumitomo, Toyo and Yokohama also raised their prices by about 5%

according to some tire dealers and dealers, the retail price of these brand tires increased by about 10% compared with the beginning of the year. At the same time, affected by the price rise of raw materials such as rubber, the tire giants may adjust the tire price again in the year based on the analysis of wear particles

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