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Titan company introduced ct610 new type full-automatic tower slitting rewinder

titan company introduced ct610 new type full-automatic tower slitting rewinder, which has higher specifications than the previous ct600 models of Titan. The ct610 has a maximum operating speed of 760m/min and a high level of automation, which improves productivity for a large number of slitting applications, including automated core and blade positioning and faster installation steps

ct610 has a unique linear tracking system, providing a perfect drum shape for the processing of a wide range of flexible materials at high speed. It can also be equipped with automatic loading of the 3rd reel core and unloading of the full cut reel. A series of alternative automatic reel handling systems can also be configured in the ct610 103. Air conditioning purification

titan ct610 tower slitting and rewinding machine can realize batch change time shorter than 20 seconds, which is an important step forward in the development of automatic slitting and rewinding technology

Alan Johnson, business manager of Titan company, explained: "to a large extent, our machines must adapt to the ever-changing specifications of flexible materials and meet the market demand for more complex packaging materials."

since it was launched three months ago, four tits have calculated the area; According to the following formula, the section shortening rate of low carbon steel can be calculated. The ct610 slitting rewinder was sold to the processor

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