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The special tire protection case has affected the nerves of relevant listed companies

recently, the rubber industry has been extremely nervous. Compared with the first trade between China and the United States after Obama took office, san320 and PN ⑴ 17c need more additions. The final result of the friction case will have a wide impact on the entire rubber industry and relevant listed companies

according to the 2008 annual report of relevant listed companies, the largest proportion of export revenue in the main business revenue is s Jiatong. 70% of the products are exported, of which the proportion exported to the United States is large, and most of them are medium and low-end products. Once the special insurance case is passed, it will be very unfavorable to the enterprise. The proportion of Aeolus, Qingdao Shuangxing and Guizhou tire, which followed closely, was within the range of 18%-35% announced by the US Trade Representative Office (USTR)

s Jiatong said that Jiatong tire Investment Co., Ltd. has participated in the negotiation, but has not yet received the final sanction opinion

"the impact of the special insurance case on Linglong group and even China's tire industry is beyond doubt." The person in charge of Linglong group said, "at present, the export of Linglong group's products accounts for nearly 40% of the total sales, and the U.S. market accounts for about 15% of the export share. The results of the special insurance case will have an important impact on the future development and strategic direction of the enterprise."

according to the statistics of the tire branch on 44 major members, the overall output value, output, export and sales revenue of the enterprises in the first half of the year decreased compared with the same period last year. However, affected by the national expansion of domestic demand to encourage automobile consumption and the low price of raw materials for many months, the profits of several leading tire listed enterprises increased by 100%-200% in the first half of the year

"the result of the special insurance case is the biggest uncertainty factor for tire enterprises in the second half of the year." Yan Jin, an analyst at Tianjiao of Beijing medium term futures, said, "once the result of the special insurance case is unfavorable to China, the achievements made in the first half of the year may be aborted."

in addition, many analysts also said that once the special safeguard case is unfavorable to China, the production capacity of export enterprises can only return to China in the short term, which will have a great impact on many domestic tire manufacturers

the special safeguard case of Chinese tires exported to the United States not only affects the nerve of tire enterprises when purchasing the vibrating table and mortar mixer specified in the new standard, but also the upstream rubber production enterprises pay close attention to the final result of the special safeguard case

"the special insurance case has no less impact on us than the tire manufacturers." Although Lin Tao, deputy general manager of Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd., was on the train, he always paid attention to the process of the special protection case. "In addition to the 55000 tons of national reserve, a considerable part of the natural rubber we produce is supplied to tire enterprises. Once the United States imposes sanctions on tire enterprises, we will be very passive."

since 2001, China has surpassed the United States to become the world's largest natural rubber producer. However, due to the wide use of plastic products under climatic conditions and industrial scale, 80% of domestic rubber consumption depends on imports. Domestic natural rubber enterprises do not have the competitive advantage with foreign enterprises in terms of price and output

in addition, traders and exhibitors in some related industries have expressed concern about the special insurance case. Fanrende, President of China Rubber Industry Association, said that once the special protection case was passed, more than 100000 people in relevant industries would be impacted

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