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Chinese style home decoration design pays more attention to the feng shui of doors and windows. Home feng shui has always been a major traditional feature of China

Chinese style home decoration design pays more attention to the feng shui of doors and windows. Home feng shui has always been a major traditional feature of China. To some extent, it is manageable. If you want to have good luck, there are also many home decoration design skills to change Feng Shui, believe it or not

window design:

1. The design of windows can determine the flow of air. It is better to open the window completely - outward or inward, not upward or downward. It is best to open the window outward, which can enhance the opportunity of the occupant's gas combination career, because it can make a lot of gas enter the room, and when the window is opened, it can make the indoor turbid gas outflow. On the contrary, the inward opening of windows is not good for gas and career. When the window is opened, it is best not to have any obstructions hindering the flow of air

2. Lu Chong makes it unfavorable for children to study. For residential villas on the first floor, be careful not to rush out of the window outside the children's room. Otherwise, it is not only bad for reading, but also easy to cause accidents for children

3. Reading and education for children should be far away from fierce places. When the door or window of the home is facing the fierce places, such as hospitals, funeral parlors, cemeteries, prisons, temples, slaughterhouses, garbage dumps, pornographic industries, etc., it is best to consider moving for the sake of children's education and home safety

4. There are many accidents when tall towers and long poles are facing the door: the front of the house, the gate and the window should avoid tall towers, electric poles and long poles. Even if you live at home on weekdays, you should pay attention at any time. In case someone builds a tower, electric pole, long pole at home or buries a long pole for some reason, you should negotiate immediately to avoid accidents

5. The air and light affect the living quality: for a safe and healthy residence, the air and light need to be sufficient. If the ceiling is too low, it will feel oppressive. There are no windows in all directions, the air is not circulating, the light is dim, and the room is wet. No matter how good the orientation is, it is difficult to seek peace and health

6. Direct blowing of cold air outside the window is detrimental to fertility: the ventilated window or air conditioner in the bedroom is too low, especially avoid blowing directly against the human body at the same height as the bed, especially in the master bedroom of the couple, otherwise it is also easy to cause symptoms such as long-term marriage infertility or postpartum disorders

7. Don't lean against the big window behind the desk: put the desk in front of the big window and sit with your back to the window. Light shines in from behind, making your eyes comfortable and convenient. From the geomantic point of view, there are "empty doors" after that, and all businesses are futile. The person in charge should have a "backer" on his desk, which is good luck and prosperous business. "Backer" is a wall barrier behind the seat. Only when there is a "backer" position can you sit safely and easily get help from noble people. And it is not suitable to hang glass on the wall behind the seat, because the glass will reflect the back of the person in charge to others

8. Don't have too many doors and windows: too many doors and windows will produce too strong airflow, which is bad for personal Qi. Avoid having three or more doors or windows in the same row. This design can make the air flow slow. If the air flow is too strong, the house will be cut in half, resulting in family disharmony. Too strong air flow is also harmful to the health of residents and to their financial fortunes, causing endless problems within the family

door design:

the door is the gas intake of the residence. It should be clean and bright, and should not accumulate sundries, so as not to hinder the gas transportation. The two doors can be directly opposite to each other, but they should not be overlapped. The overlapped and parallel doors should be avoided. The two doors are opposite, and the design is slightly different, which will damage the health cause and family peace. If two doors bite each other, family members will often quarrel. If people often face the open door to the wall or can see another room from a distance, it will disturb the circulation of Qi in the human body. The big room should open the door, such as bedroom, living room or guest room, and the small room should open the small door, such as bathroom or kitchen, because the door will press the small door. If the door of the bathroom is too large, health and character problems will occur, and the family will suffer from indigestion

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