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From outside to inside, the porch is a very important transition zone. How to coordinate the style of the porch with the style of the whole space, and how to make your porch different have attracted more and more attention, and the status of the porch is also rising. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network recommends 9 special porch decoration renderings for you

porch design is a part of home design, so its style should be harmonious with the whole indoor environment, and porch is also a microcosm of indoor style to a large extent. For those with rural style, you can buy a shoe cabinet full of rural flavor and put it in the porch. If the decoration at home is very simple, then the porch should not be too fancy. A stable shoe cabinet with wood grain, a lovely shoe stool, and a small carpet with simple color are all good choices

the first thing you see when you open the door is the porch of each family, which shows that the porch is about the "first impression" of the family. If the porch is taken care of in disorder, no matter how clean and tidy the interior is, there will always be a big discount on the overall sense. Therefore, in the design, we should pay special attention to the cleanliness and brightness of the porch

when designing the porch, many families will choose the porch cabinet with larger volume. In fact, it is not. There is nothing wrong with the choice of large meat and fruit space, but the porch space of ordinary people is narrow and long, so the porch cabinet is a little inappropriate. In fact, the porch table is also a good choice, which neither occupies land nor plays a small decorative role, and some items can be stored below

although the porch is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. Generally speaking, there are many layout objects in this place. Antique furnishings, hanging paintings, shoe cabinets, wardrobe, mirrors, small benches, etc. can be placed in the porch. But in the layout, we should pay attention not to be too dark and messy. If we pile everything together, it will backfire

the first thing you see when you enter the door is the porch, which is the initial feeling of guests entering the family from the complex outside. It can be said that the porch design is the concentration of the designer's overall design idea, and it plays the role of the finishing touch in the room decoration. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing the whole porch style

choosing the right porch cabinet is a technical job, and the placement of porch cabinet is also very important. The design principle of the porch cabinet is that the lower part is solid and the upper part is virtual, which is connected but not transparent, and sparse but not exposed. The height is roughly the same as the gate, and the width is not less than the gate. It is better to keep a distance of 1.2 meters or more between the porch cabinet and the gate, and the minimum distance should not be less than 1 meter





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