It is necessary to decorate the measuring room

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As we all know, if the formal decoration is adopted, the first step will be to measure the room. Many people are surprised that my family has a house type map. Why bother to measure the house? What exactly are they measuring

1. The function of decorating the measuring room

understand the detailed size data of the house, and accurately understand the length, width and height of each room in the house, as well as the location of doors, windows, air conditioning, heating, etc. through the measuring room

2. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the house pattern

through the on-site measurement of the house, the designer will carefully observe the location and orientation of the house. And the surrounding environmental conditions, whether the noise is too large, how the air quality is, how the lighting is, etc., will directly affect the later design. If you encounter some bad house layout or external environment, you need to design to make up for it

3. It is convenient for designers to communicate with owners on the spot.

when measuring the house, designers and owners will generally be present. If the owners have certain ideas about the design of the house, they can communicate with designers to see whether these ideas are feasible during on-site measurement, and the communication is more effective. In addition, if the owner needs to order main materials in advance, it also needs to communicate with the designer on site before making a decision

4. Ensure the quality of house decoration in the later stage

only when the room measurement is relatively accurate, can we make an accurate design, so that it will not be impossible to achieve in the later construction because of the wrong size, and design changes or project changes are required. If the positions of some items such as water drainage, heating and gas are not measured or the measurement is inaccurate, it may lead to the return and replacement of toilets and basins purchased later because they cannot be installed due to the wrong size

charges for measuring rooms:

generally, designers of decoration companies are invited to measure rooms. Different decoration companies have different regulations on the charges for measuring rooms. If the charge is generally about 100 yuan at a time, if the house is measured well, and the owner chooses this company to design and construct, the 100 yuan will be automatically converted into a deposit. If the house is measured well, the 100 yuan will be used as the reward for the designer to measure the house

preparations before measuring the room

a. remember to bring the house drawings before measuring the room: remember to bring the building water and electricity diagram, building structure diagram, house type diagram, etc. before measuring the room

b. Understand the regulations of the property on house decoration: before measuring the house, you must also understand the community property where the house is located, and the specific regulations on house decoration, such as the specific requirements on water and electricity transformation, whether the facade of the house can be demolished and modified, whether the balcony window can be closed, etc., so as to avoid unnecessary trouble

what are the designers looking for

maybe many people will be very curious. What are the designers measuring? Is it just pure size data? Obviously not! Housing design needs to consider many factors, which is not a simple measurement of size

1. Lighting

whether the location of the window and the sunshine time are too long or insufficient. If the location of the window is appropriate, it will cause indoor darkness or overheating and supercooling

2. Noise

observe the site and future noise sources around the house, and determine the distance between the location of possible noise in the house and the rest area, so as to decide the solution

3. Airflow

understand the changes of airflow in different seasons, analyze the air quality, temperature, moisture and odor in different seasons, and avoid possible problems through special design

4. Data

accurately understand the length, width and height of each room in the house, as well as the location of doors, windows, air conditioners, heating, etc. by measuring the room, so as not to be impossible to achieve due to the wrong size in the later construction, and design changes or project changes are required





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