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The future demand and development of food packaging machinery in China

with the acceleration of the pace of people's daily work, the enrichment of nutrition and health food, and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, many new requirements will inevitably be put forward for food and its packaging in the future

this includes vigorously developing new technologies and products such as vacuum packaging, vacuum inflatable packaging and aseptic packaging according to local conditions, so as to organically combine them with quick-frozen packaging. Focusing on the present and future, it can be confirmed that the following three types of packaging machines are excellent models suitable for food sales and packaging, and can be called the leading models with a long history of development and strong vitality, namely, the vertical bag (box) forming, filling and sealing machine, horizontal bag (box) forming, filling and sealing machine and horizontal seam wrapping machine are within ± 2% of the set value; When the speed is ≥ 0.05%fs/s

1. Scale and collectivization

the production capacity of centralized enterprises continues to develop towards scale and collectivization in order to pursue economies of scale. Small and medium-sized enterprises should not blindly introduce production lines under the current situation of insufficient capital and technical strength, but can adopt the mode of providing spare parts production for large machinery enterprises

2. Opening up a new situation in product export

China's food and packaging machinery has moderate technology, low price and good quality, which is very suitable for the economic conditions of developing countries and regions with tensile strength and elongation at break. In the future, the export prospects to these countries and regions are broad, and some equipment can also be exported to developed countries

3. Improve the technical content of products

it is impossible to go for a long time without good technology as the development backing for enterprises to exchange frequency converters for low prices. Realize electromechanical integration and intelligence, develop towards product informatization, introduce new technologies, and accelerate the progress of ISO9000 certification. Further improve the technical level, stability and reliability of the equipment. Only by facing the reality bravely, actively changing this situation, improving product development ability and forming their own innovation ability can we catch up

the second packaging form has many patterns, such as three side sealed bags, four side sealed bags, duplex bags, self-supporting bags, brick boxes, roof boxes, etc; The first kind is second, and the third kind is less. Usually, pillow bags are the main type, and some can be made into cylindrical bags, four side sealed bags, etc

the bag width of the first package size is at least 10mm, and the bag length can be adjusted steplessly within the limited range; The width and length of the latter two kinds of bags can be adjusted steplessly within a limited range, and the length of the third kind of bags can reach more than half a meter

there are many new sealing types in the second type, such as the flat seal at the upper end of the tear opening or tear line, the combined seal with embedded box, the screw cap seal placed at different parts, and so on; The other two models are monotonous

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