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Fuyang paper enterprises' price alliance curbs vicious competition

in recent days, Fuyang paper enterprises have increased the selling price of whiteboard paper one by one according to the scheduled plan, so it is necessary to reduce the usage by 25% before 2025. According to the alliance resolution signed by 70 local paper-making enterprises on December 31 last year, Fuyang paper finally began to "break the ice" in the disorderly competition by means of price reduction

as an important papermaking town in Zhejiang and even the whole country, Fuyang has more than 350 papermaking enterprises. Previously, in order to survive and win profits, enterprises maliciously reduced the price of Fuyang's flagship product whiteboard to 2000 yuan/ton, which is half lower than the average price of 4000 yuan/ton of peripheral competitive enterprises such as Ningbo, Jiangsu and Shandong

wangwenzhong, general manager of Zhengda holding group, one of the allied enterprises, said that the malicious price reduction in the industry not only pushed the profits of local enterprises to the limit, but also some small enterprises even sacrificed product quality to ensure profits, which affected the image of Fuyang's overall paper-making enterprise. On the other hand, since July last year, the price of imported waste paper, the main raw material of papermaking enterprises, has risen by nearly 300 yuan/ton. In addition, the cost of other raw materials and the cost of pollution control have increased. Fuyang papermaking industry is facing severe challenges of ecology and development. "It is urgent to break the current pattern of disorderly competition." Dongliangxing, Secretary General of Fuyang paper Association, said. They are in glass state, high elastic state and viscous flow state. Finally, 70 papermaking enterprises in the association signed the alliance resolution. It is reported that the output of these 70 enterprises accounted for 70% of the local output, while the output of Fuyang accounted for half of the national output. After the signing of the alliance agreement, these 70 enterprises will reach three unifications: limiting production and reducing pollution, recovering prices, and standardizing the supply of raw and auxiliary materials. It is stipulated that before January 5 this year, class a whiteboard will be increased by 150 yuan/ton on the basis of the original price, and class B and C will be increased by 100 yuan/ton

whiteboard is generally used as spindle and packaging, and it can be seen everywhere in our life. For example, the boxes for cakes, shirts and shoes are all made of white paper. Dongliangxing said that the price increase will not affect the price of end consumer goods, let alone increase the burden on consumers, because the price increase is weak, and the price after the price increase is still lower than the average price of 4000 yuan/ton of surrounding competitors

in order to implement the alliance resolution, the paper Association will establish a supervision mechanism and publish supervision reports. The alliance units can supervise and report the enterprises violating the resolution to each other. The alliance units should accept the supervision and inspection organized by the paper Association and unconditionally provide accounts, invoices, contracts and other relevant materials. The association will report the supervision and inspection every 15 days. Once any enterprise that violates the alliance's resolutions is found, it will be exposed, and all concessions granted by the municipal government will be cancelled. "This alliance war has received strong support from Fuyang municipal government." (Xiao Wang)

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