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The future main electric locomotive of China Railway has obtained the "driving license"

a few days ago, the Dora fast running, energy-saving and environmental friendly harmonious high-power AC drive 6-axle 7200 KW electric locomotive successfully passed the test organized by the Ministry of railway standardization and property rights, and obtained the "driving license" for operation on the road

CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in electric locomotive development in China, officially announced on September 30 that the harmonious high-power AC drive 6-axle 7200 KW electric locomotive with completely independent intellectual property rights has passed the type test and line test organized by the Ministry of railways. Cheng Jun, the chief engineer of CSR Zhuzhou locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd. entered the pre drop hammer state (after the sample was installed), said that since June 26 this year, the high-power AC drive 6-shaft 7200 KW electric locomotive has successively passed the type test conducted in Beijing ring railway and the line test conducted in Chengdu Railway Bureau. The locomotive successfully passed the specified load test under the condition of slowly and uniformly loading the test pieces on more than 300 sharp turns and complex lines of Dudu Railway Bureau, with a total mileage of 7000 km. The test shows that the locomotive has excellent performance, meets the design standard and meets the requirements of actual use

during the golden week holiday, many departments of CSR Zhuji were still working overtime. The first batch of two harmonious high-power 6-axle 7200 KW electric locomotives were officially delivered to Chongqing locomotive depot of Chengdu Railway Bureau on the 30th

within ± 2% of the set value, Han Jun, head of CSR Zhuzhou locomotive and rolling stock publicity department, said that the mass production and operation of this type of locomotive marked that the electric locomotive "made in China" has a strong comprehensive strength to compete in the world railway locomotive market, and will bring a significant effect of stimulating the economy, energy conservation and environmental protection to the country. In the future, China's electrified railways will have "Hercules" with a single machine towing 5000 to 6000 ton freight trains in batches, which is 1000 to 2000 tons higher than the carrying capacity of diesel locomotives

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