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Pioneer Futures: stimulated by the news, PTA monthly differentiation

pta spot fell to 6900 yuan, the data obtained from PX experiment may have a certain deviation, and the price of naphtha fell to 743 dollars. Due to the falling limit of futures and the rumor of bankruptcy of a PTA factory, the market is bearish and the price is quite different. Customers can choose to go down according to their own weakness. There is 790 dollars in the quoted price of the external offer. The contract price in October is 7900 yuan. MEG also dropped sharply to 6600 yuan, and few transactions have driven the rapid development of automotive electronics, smart home appliances, equipment industry and other fields. After the festival, the deep dive of crude oil made it difficult for the market to make substantive buying, mainly waiting and clearing inventory. The news of bankruptcy of an enterprise and the decline of crude oil suppressed the market, creating new low conditions

technically, the 811 contract has been actively traded in recent months, with large market differences, which is mainly stimulated by the news. Bears are slightly better at low frequency fatigue control. The far month stop loss leaves the market and reduces the position limit

in operation, blank orders are held

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