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Fushun Ethylene successfully developed transparent polypropylene special material recently, the transparent polypropylene special material, a scientific and technological development project of China National Petroleum Corporation, was successfully developed and trial produced in Fushun Ethylene Chemical Co., Ltd. The successful research and development of this product is of great significance for the company to improve the grade of polypropylene products, optimize the product structure and seize the market of polypropylene transparent special materials

the project of transparent polypropylene special material is PetroChina 2 The technology development project of the platform company for the production and utilization of new energy automotive materials in the control of vehicle VOC is also one of the key scientific and technological research projects of Fushun Petrochemical Company. The products are mainly used in the fields of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, special containers for microwave ovens, transparent packaging for edible and non food, medical disposable syringes, etc. The company relied on its own technical strength to carry out independent research and development. Through the resin research of the scientific research unit, the company introduced in detail how to best dispose or recycle the waste fiber reinforced composites (FRP) in the UK. The Research Institute and the production workshop cooperated to carry out small-scale and medium-scale tests, and finally succeeded in the trial production of a large polypropylene unit with an annual output of 90000 tons. The product has been used by downstream users with good response, and has been put into industrial production

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